Created as a proof of concept, Vedette! was an electronic rock band which disrupted the Ecuadorian musical landscape and raised the bar for music production, promotion and consumption in Ecuador.

Vedette developed songs and visuals symbiotically. Every live show was a synesthetic experience and earned the band its nickname in the press, “Audiovisual rock.” The visual design experiments, by which Vedette! attained its notoriety, generated live 3D images using an old video camera.

Pseudo Depth channel from a consumer camera. 

Pseudo Depth channel from a consumer camera. 

The process leverages the “Nightshot” options in consumer camcorders to produce a real time z-depth channel. It converts images to a 8-bit monochromatic channel, processing the footage, and applies that information to "pull" a flat mesh using the channel as a tangent normal.

Micro computers, with basic GPU capacities, created audiovisual effects in real time. A basic A/C and MIDI DIY light system was also developed to support small venues that lacked the equipment to produce live events.


  • Best Band, North Zone, Premios Garage Band, Vedette!. — Garage Band, 2010

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