Interface for controlling the bot 

Interface for controlling the bot 

As our lives were becoming more and more digitized, thanks to the almost universal reach of mobile devices, maintaining our digital identity also became a time consuming activity. Tweettron gave people the chance to be more proactive while a bot was tweeting for them.

Following the launch of Twitter's REST API, tweettron was one of the earliest semantic based artificial intelligence (AI). Based on continuous analysis of the Markov Chain model tweettron continuously improved upon its own writing and language skills. Tweettron’s web application allowed people to connect their Twitter account with a stochastic process which generated tweets based on their previous tweets and posts.

Tweettron became one of the first massive Twitter bot generators, before our awareness of automated responses or the existence of bots.


  • Bronze, Internet for Marathon Sports, Tweettron — Festival de Publicidad El Condor de Oro, 2011