Cidade Corrupção

How many zeros do you need to put after a number before it becomes a topic of discussion? How many before it loses all meaning? Brazil had one of the fastest growing economies in the world, and still has one of the highest rates of corruption. Yearly Brazil looses approximately US$ 50000000000 to corruption. This number far exceeds the budget of its ten largest cities combined.

But what does that number really amount to? How much does corruption cost its country, not just the statistic but in real planning? Cidade Corrupção is a sandbox style WebGL game that uses all those figures and statistics towards one one simple objective: build the city of your dreams. Funded with the exact amount Brazil losses to corruption every year, players choose to put anything in their city from basic needs, such as housing, to the extravagant, like a complete space program.

Players can also share their cities and vision by taking a snapshot and posting on Facebook. Cidade Corrupção and Veja sparked conversation about how our cities could invest better. Not just by figures and numbers, but by the vision players shared for a better and stronger Brazil.


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