The Tire Gauge

The Tire Gauge is a system designed to measure the tread of the tires on a vehicle frictionlessly, requiring no special instructions or precision driving. The system provides relevant information about the status of the tires to the driver of the vehicle. The Tire Gauge’s custom made sensor provides data about displacement within a defined area, using the surface of the ramp as the reference point.

A resolution of 0.08 mm, the sensor utilizes an array of 48 minute pins to measure the height of tire patterns from the outside surface of a tire. Based on a spring loaded mechanism, a linear potentiometer registers the distance between two layers of tread as tires push against the array of pins.

If the measured values reaches the defined threshold, the system prints a ticket with the four tire measures, branding and offering a discount in the purchase of new tires. The ticket acts as a call to action through the use of the discounts and a language that reminds drivers of the dangers of driving with worn off tires.

The Tire Gauge can easily be integrated within normal traffic and parking flows and provides the means to measure a large number of vehicles. With logged and properly analyzed data, The Tire Gauge provides a deep understanding of the market and created a competitive advantage for Caçula de Pneus.

Case Study


  • Gold, Innovation for Caçula de Pneus, The Tire Gauge. — El Sol. Festival Iberoamericano de la Comunicación Publicitaria, 2015
  • Grand Prix, Caçula de Pneus, The Tire Gauge. — Prêmio Colunistas Inovação SP, 2015