Color Factory

In August 2018, a whole new palette came to New York City in SoHo’s Hudson Square neighborhood: Color Factory, a collaborative interactive exhibit celebrating color and creativity in a series of 16 rooms with unique experiential art in each.


Unlike many other Experiential Pop-Ups, The Color Factory is unique due to it comprehensive CMS system that lets you have the Instagram experience without the phone.

Once each guest is registered, they are given a card with an individualized QR code. As they visit each sequential room, they can scan their card to capture high-quality, perfectly-framed, perfectly-lit images and animated gifs without having to rely on their phones.

The experience turned out to be transformative for those of us used to having our phones attached to us all day. It allows one to put the device away and get lost in the moment — a moment that, in this case, is very playful and fun!