is a visual, relational, and social digital content platform that encourages deep explorations across magazine content libraries and makes it easy to share these discoveries with friends. By connecting to magazine publisher's content directly, it assembles a radical new way to read magazines online. Instead of publishing digital replicas and organizing by issue and magazine title, Glossy gathers images from a massive repository of articles based on an initial search or trending topic. It uses SEO keywords to construct a user-facing topic browser summarizing articles as image and text clips.

Glossy leverages publisher API's to present users with visual summaries of articles to encourage them to find content based on their interests by tapping on keywords. As users click-through magazine websites to read full articles in their original context, they anonymously pass along their topic based discovery trails of keywords to publishers and advertisers. Using these relational insights Glosssy drives new traffic to publisher websites earning affiliate revenue and helps target advertising messages.

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  • Featured, NYC Media Lab Seed Project, Glossy. — NYC Media Lab’s Annual Summit, 2013

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